Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Champion available now!

Kabusacki 11 / The Champion

a new colourful Kabusacki CD featuring Fernando Samalea (drums), Loli Molina (vocals), Marina Fages (vocals), Matias Mango (keyboards), Gaby Kerpel (treatments and remixing), Agustina Becares (vocals), Victoria Zotalis (vocals), Mene Savasta Alsina (treatments) and other amazing musicians from the Argentinean scene

available now mail order from Houses Records, Buenos Aires

CD shipping anywhere in the world except Japan, where The Champion has been released by Calentito Music LLC

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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Fernando Kabusacki

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kabusacki 10 - Luck

Produced by Fernando Kabusacki

Fernando Kabusacki: electric, virtual and synthesized guitars
Fernando Samalea: cymbals, snares, toms and percussion
Santiago Vazquez: percussion, Handsonic and ThumbJam
Javier Martinez: snare drum and cymbals
Gabriel Spiller: drums and percussion
Alejandro Oliva: percussion
Miguel Bassi: bass
Marcos Rocca: bass
Paula Shocron: piano and Rhodes
Matias Mango: keyboards
Alejandro Franov: keyboards and accordeon
Mussa Phelps: turntable, samples and synthesizer
Maxi Trusso, Barbara Togander, Victoria Zotalis, Maria Eva Albistur, Rosario Ortega, Mariana Pereiro and Maia Monaco: vocals

Mixed by Daniel Ovie
Mastered by Andres Mayo

Design by Juan Jaureguiberry
Photo: Manuel Archain

Price: U$S 10 + U$S 5 for shipping and handling worldwide

* shipping worldwide except Japan. Japanese customers please order through Disk Union , Tower Records Japan or HMV

Monday, June 6, 2011

Samalea & Kabusacki

Available mail order, shipped worldwide directly from Kabusacki within 1 week!

Fernando Kabusacki: electric guitars
Fernando Samalea: drums, vibes and percussion
special guest: Tony Levin, bass and stick

Released in Argentina in 2011

Price: U$S 15,00 (plus U$S 5,00 for shipping and handling)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kabusacki 7&8 - The Flower and The Radio

Released in 2006 (Houses Records (AR)| Intoxicate (JP))

Fernando Kabusacki: electric guitar, guitar synthesizer, guitar loops, Kaoss pad, A-Station, drum programming and vocals
with Matías Mango: keyboards. Mono Fontana: keyboards. María Eva Albistur: electric and upright bass, vocals. Fernando Samalea: drums, balafon and percussion. Uchihashi Kazuhisa: daxophone. Charly García: voice. Francisco Bochatón: voice

Produced by Fernando Kabusacki
Mixed by Daniel Ovie (Estudio Concreto) and Kabusacki.
Mastered by Mario Breuer.

Double CD, U$S 18.00 (plus U$S 5,00 for shipping and handling)

* shipping worldwide except Japan. Japanese customers please order through Tower Records Japan

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kabusacki 6.1 - La Maravilla

Available now on mail order!

Released in 2005 - Houses Records (AR)

Fernando Kabusacki electric and synthesized guitars
Fernando Samalea: drums, percussion and bandoneon. Matías Mango: keyboards. Ricky Sáenz Paz: electric bass and stick.
Charly García: keyboards, vocoder and vocals.

Produced by Kabusacki, Samalea, Mango and Breuer.

Mixed and Mastered by Mario Breuer

Photos and design concept by Mónica Peralta
Design by Pablo Mandel

Price: U$S 13,99 (plus U$S 5,00 shipping and handling worldwide)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kabusacki 4.5 - Together

Together now available on Mail Order, shipped worldwide within 1 week!

Fernando Kabusacki: electric and synth guitars

featuring Luis Suarez (sax and flute), Mariano Suarez (trumpet and flugelhorn), Lito Epumer (gtr), Mussa Phelps (electronics and samples), Lautaro Guida (bass), Damian Nisenson (sax) and Matias Mango (keyboards).

Released in Argentina, 2003.

Price: U$S 12,99 (plus U$ 5,00 for shipping and handling worldwide)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kabusacki III Luz de Oro de Chiporrita

Released in Argentina in 2002

Featuring Maria Gabriela Epumer (vocals), Santiago Vazquez (drums), Alejandro Franov (keyboards), Lautaro Guida (bass), Juana Molina (harmonica)

Produced by Kabusacki.

Price: U$S 12,99 (plus U$ 5,00 for shipping and handling worldwide)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Planet and its beings CD available Mail Order


Kabusacki III The Planet and its beings

Released in Argentina in 2000. Featuring special guests Charly Garcia, Hermeto Pascoal, Mono Fontana, Fernando Samalea, Santiago Vazquez, Alejandro Franov, Damian Nisenson, Sergio Dawi, Fernando Nale, Maria Eva and others.

Price: U$S 10,00 (plus U$ 6,00 for shipping and handling worldwide)