Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kabusacki 10 - Luck

Produced by Fernando Kabusacki

Fernando Kabusacki: electric, virtual and synthesized guitars
Fernando Samalea: cymbals, snares, toms and percussion
Santiago Vazquez: percussion, Handsonic and ThumbJam
Javier Martinez: snare drum and cymbals
Gabriel Spiller: drums and percussion
Alejandro Oliva: percussion
Miguel Bassi: bass
Marcos Rocca: bass
Paula Shocron: piano and Rhodes
Matias Mango: keyboards
Alejandro Franov: keyboards and accordeon
Mussa Phelps: turntable, samples and synthesizer
Maxi Trusso, Barbara Togander, Victoria Zotalis, Maria Eva Albistur, Rosario Ortega, Mariana Pereiro and Maia Monaco: vocals

Mixed by Daniel Ovie
Mastered by Andres Mayo

Design by Juan Jaureguiberry
Photo: Manuel Archain

Price: U$S 10 + U$S 5 for shipping and handling worldwide

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